We are a wine company specialized in the elaboration of a wide range of wines from the most prestigious producing areas in Spain, well adapted to the expectations of each market


M&W focuses on consumers´ new demands: in terms of quality, diversity and attractive modern presentations for them to identify with.


Fun and Creative wines to be enjoyed by Creative People.


Flexibility is also one of the core characters of our company. We have a team of designers to create unique and exclusive labels. Customers´ needs are well satisfied by our flexibility and capacity of adapting our wine portfolio.


Our cellars have a long tradition of elaborating high quality wines. All the grape growing and vinification processes are strictly controlled by our enologist team. A great number of our wines are recognized for their Excellence by awards received from all over the world. All the cellars are certified by the highest Quality Certifications. 


We define ourselves as a family, a team of people that loves Fun and Creative wines for Creative and Fun People!!!